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I Never Played Catch With My Father
The Book That Earned an Oprah Show Invitation for Author| Hardcover | Softcover | eBook

Inspired by the Famous Novel of the Same Name
by former Oprah guest author and past Pulitzer-nominee

The videos and massive HD gifs, 
all with unlock able content, are just the beginning.


I Never Played Catch With My Father
Images of a young boy, alone at sunset, visualizing a game of catch with his late father, symbolized by the hovering dove. This creation is inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name by former Oprah guest author and past Pulitzer nominee, Gene Cartwright. The author was inspired by his own experience with his loving and devoted father with whom he played catch for the first time only months before his dad’s passing.”

Our NFT Videos are – 1080p H

4k 3840 x 2160 Video in unlockable content

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"A Boy Alone at Sunset"

How This Novel Inspired This One-of-a-Kind NFT

  • I Never Played Catch With My Father-NFT
    NFT media never-before-shared on social media or sold.
    In honor of my late father – the best father, ever.
    This one-of-a-kind work, featuring officially copyright material, is inspired by the famous novel, of the same name, by Pulitzer-nominated author, and former Oprah guest author Gene Cartwright.
    On January 29, 1996 at 4:45 pm, 
    in the front yard of my childhood home in Texas, I played catch with my father for the first and last time.
    While he was not a sports-minded father, he was unequaled, in all other respects .
    Before his passing I told him: “If I had been given a chance to choose a father, I would have chosen you.” That brought tears to his eyes for only the second time I ever saw.
    On December 26 1996,
    my dad lost his valiant battle fight against lung cancer. This “Playing Catch” Collection – the beginning of many works to come – symbolizes a magical day of playing catch that, for me, will never end.
    And so, that day in 1996 (which was videotaped) altered my real-life experience with my father, and made the book’s title no longer apply to me.
    National Book Tour
    The novel led to a 1997 Oprah Show invitation, a multi-year national book tour, national media
    coverage, and focused attention on the vital importance of parent-child relationships.
    What the work depicts
    This work depicts a young boy of a past era, sitting alone at sunset engrossed in a story yet to be written, visualizing a future where he would forever share his childhood passion with a father now gone.
    A Few Famous Baseball & Other Figures Who Own(ed) Signed Copies of the novel:
    Willie Mays
    Hank Aaron
    Gene Autry
    Back Obama
    Oprah Winfrey
    Cicely Tyson
    Kevin Costner
    George W. Bush
    Bill Gates
    Warren Buffet
    Meg Whitman
    Bud Selig
    Ron Howard
    Lerone Bennett
    and countless others
    This NFT Collection provides the following to the successful bidder:
    I Never Played Catch With My Father 4k Video ) 22 sec.
    A massive GIF (2560 x 1440) 450 dpi -(unlockable content)
    1080p 21 sec video
    3880 x 2160 4k video (unlockable content)
    A high-res still of cover image (5120 x 2880) 450 dpi (unlockable content)
    A 4-image collage of still with variations (unlockable content)
  • A signed hardcover copy sent to a specified address.

What Is Included

What NFT Contains

Unlockable Bonus Content

  1. I Never Played Catch With My Father Video 1080p – What is presented is 1080p HD video of I Never Played Catch With My Father, The one-of-a-kind story is as follows.

2.  Video in 4k 3840 x 2160 UHD quality

Unlockable Bonus Content

Massive 2560 x 1440 x 450dpi, Animated gif on loop. Fills large screen in XHD.

  1. Video in 1080p
  2. Video in 4k 3840 x 2160
  3. A massive GIF (2560 x 1440) 450 dpi
  4. Collages & individual items coming

Note to Buyer:

The NFT offers, and the unlockable content has never been shared on social media.

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